Foreclosure Cleaning Expert Carolette Wright Teaches How To:

“Clean Foreclosed Homes So Good They’ll Think It Was Done by a 6-Figure Cleaning Business”

Learn How to Earn Upto $300-500 Per Day Cleaning Foreclosed Homes

feb10 (35) 1168 by 1752Hi, I am Carolette Wright…..

I decided to write this eBook because I have had success and I have had failures in building my Foreclosure Cleaning business.

Through it all, there were little-to-no resources to help give me pointers or to navigate my journey.

I started my business in November 2009 and I have learned so much along the way…

I got started in this industry after researching different types of low investment start-up companies. I research terms such as HUD guidelines for property preservation and bids, property preservation services, property preservation companies, property preservation contacts and national property preservation company or companies.

I even searched for property preservation work. This is when I stumbled across a small mountain of information on Property Preservation or trashouts.  And it sounded interesting to me. More importantly, it sounded doable.

So, then I did my additional research and applied some due diligence…

So, then I did my additional research and applied some due diligence…

After I was sure this was the way to go, I talked to my husband about the business idea and we decided that it was something that we could be successful in and be able to make some real money. After we talked, I purchased an eBook about starting a Property Preservation Business.

I devoured that book – literally :-). I read it within 24 hours of purchase. Then I hit the ground running. I had my business started in 14 days. This included purchasing insurance and a business license by the state. (Yes, I was definately on a roll. I even had my business plan completed in this time frame). I have never been able to fully complete a business plan until I found this business. I was prepared. But, this was the easy part.

There was one major problem…

The only major problem at this point was that I had no clients. Even though, I was ready to get started in my new business. I needed property preservation work. Within the next couple months, I talked to realtors, continued my search online, and called banks trying to get my foot in the industry.

All My Efforts Seemed to Lead to a Dead End…Without the Right List of Contacts

After geting my business started on paper. I needed to find jobs – and I needed to so so quickly to recoup my costs and make it all worth the effort. Luckily, I was able to land a few property preservation inspection jobs. I did this for about 5 months. The KICKER was that I had to do or I would lose money in gas. I probably turned every corner in within Mid-State Tennessee. I have been places that I didn’t know existed – within my own home state. I call this my test and trial period, because it took me a while to build profit with property inspections. At first it seemed easy, but it soon proved to be very draining – driving around town for 6-8 hours. Let me tell you, SEEMED like a long while, and it DEFINATELY took alot of hard work.

But, I did it…

And Things Started Turning Around…

We EVENTUALLY started to get calls from all over the place from potential clients. And we did start making LOADS of money. I don’t want to miss lead you. Our business has had it ups and downs. But what company doesn’t? In our business we have found that some properties we were assigned required more work that others. Some needed TOTAL DEMOLITION, while others needed a broom swept cleaning. In total, this is the nature of the business. You never REALLY know what you are going to get, just expect the worse, put in some hard work and rest assured that it will all paid off in the long run.

I will not paint you a pretty picture just to GET A SALE. I have had some rough nights due to working with the wrong companies. But because of the companies in this eBook, you an rest easier just knowing that you are closer to increasing your profits than you were before finding this website. You will not have to wait or STRUGGLE as long as I did to get started. Neither, will you have to call hundreds of companies to get started as I did.

I have done all the work for you so that you can focus on building relationships with the right companies. Because your time is valuable. Starting out we were paid $15 per drive-by inspection. We had to drive by the property and take a picture of the property. This was so that the banks could tell if the properties were vacant or occupied.

We were able to find property preservation companies that paid $25 per drive by inspection and those that gave gas allowances. This is not a bad gig, as long as you understand what is expected before hand. I also advise adding this to your list of services since most are the properties that you will be visiting anyways. Tip: Don’t leave any money left sitting on the table. All these are companies that I am speaking of are included in the eBook.


Ms. Wright, First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed and user friendly book. Its not often that I come across someone that is willing to help others get their business off the ground. Thank you for having such a kind spirit

Myron Hagood,

Hi Carolette! Your video was very informative, but is there any chance you will share what an actual property preservation bid looks like as well as the invoice you send the company?

Khaiesha Culler,

Hello Carolette, I just wanted you to know how much of a lifesaver your videos, ebook and website is for starting a Property Preservation business! The ebook is awesome. ~ Best regards

Mae Bullock,

The Negataives and Positives Of Property Preservation Video

Here is a video from Matt Cummings on KPBS in San Deigo, CA. He recently started his foreclosure clean-up business. He is profiting and I can also help you get the right contacts that will led to getting foreclosure clean-up jobs to your business.

Your Foreclosure Business Can Start Making Money

Are you a new foreclosure clean up business owner? I was too when I first started out. When I first started out in building contacts, other than searching Craigslist for property preservation leads, I had no idea how to get in touch with the companies that were paying people to clean out foreclosures.

I spent months of searching, researching and reading about REO banks, preservation companies and asset management companies. But none of these endeavors were working for me. I used the yellow pages for leads and I visited the Realtors Association to meet with Realtors.

I told the association what I was trying to do.  They knew what I was talking about, but when I spoke to the actual Realtors who specialized in REOs they all stated that they had someone who cleaned their properties for them and that they were not looking for any additional workers.

I wanted to tell them that I was not a worker, I was a professional business owner and if they would only give me a try, they would not regret it. But I did not say this. I just thanked them and kept with my search to find my open door into this industry. I got to a point where I almost gave up on my business. Then I had an idea on how to get more clients.

It took me a while to work this idea, but I was finally getting work orders.  I eventually had property preservation companies calling me asking if I would like to be added as a vendor.  Companies still solicit our services, but I am very selective on what jobs I accept.  Now that I don’t have to beg for work orders, I pick those jobs that will bring my business the most profit.


Thanks Carolette, this could not come at a better time for me, because I did lose my mojo for the business you could not have timed this any better, thanks for helping me get back on track again.

Yvette Bunce,

We do not know what we would do without your key information it is a Godsend to our business we thank u 4 every thing u have done best regards.


Thank you, we have been looking forward to these videos, We received our first work order yesterday, and the work is being done today. What a blessing your videos and ebook have been to us, even though we had been doing the research, you have filled in the missing information. thank you again, and God Bless you and yours.

Torin and Kim Hinsley,

See How I Built My Business – Inside

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You Can Learn How to Properly Bid and Win Without Under Bidding

My business got so busy and I was getting so much work that I became a preferred vendor for several of my property preservation companies. On average we are assigned initial grass cut and re-cut jobs that range from $55-$300. The lower end price includes jobs that are assigned the higher priced jobs include jobs that required us to bid and we were awarded the job. The price of our bids depend on the height of the grass and the client.

Each client pays diffrently (learn more about this in Chapter 4 of this eBook) In summary, on average we make $500-$1500 a job, when you start adding additional services like, janitorial sales, property inspecting, changing locks, interior debris removal, exterior debris removal and etc.

That is not bad when our company completes 3-5 work orders a day If you do the math, on average that is $600-$5000 a day. Most days we bring in at least $2000. That’s not all. There have been several occasions that we have made more on job. With these same property preservation company contacts and consistent work,I have been able to attract larger contracts.

One work order that I received was a little less than $3000 for 9 days of work.

The invoice pictured below needed painting, new carpet and other miscellaneous work.

I definitely could not do the work with just my workers and subcontractors alone. So I called local businesses in the area (carpenters, HomeDepot, Lowes,etc.) and outsourced almost all of the work. Some of the smaller jobs like, inspecting and landscaping we did in house.

Once I set up the contractors, I checked on them every other day. This job paid over $14,000 and we profited over $9000 on this job for 2 weeks of work. We still get jobs like this from time to time, but in order to get them we have to bid on these properties.

In the case of this property, we bided and were rewarded the job.

If you have found your self under bidding just to be rewarded jobs, then stop

I will show you exactly how to bid on jobs and not loose money – and how to actually turn a profit.


More Testimonials…

I wish to express my gratitude for your generosity in support of those people that really want help on this field. Your personal commitment to passing the message across was extraordinarily good and has regularly made somebody just like me to realize their dreams. Your amazing insightful recommendations can mean a lot to me and extremely more to my fellow workers. Best wishes; from everyone of us.

Katelynn Hopewell ,

Hi Carolette, I purchased your ebook and found it very helpful. Thanks for sharing this information.

Braden Barnes,

Carolette, Thank you some much for the You tube videos, E-Book, and forms and …….You have inspired me to start my business (W3 Home Preservation LLC). I am a business now, I am filled with so many emotions ( excitement, fear, and enjoyment to name a few.) I secured several work orders and was able to complete them ( I learn something new everyday)… Thanks for all your help, I have learned so much in the short time that I have worked in the industry and I want my business to become and continue to be profitable. I want to lay down a solid foundation to support profitable growth. Thanks,

Willie Johnson,

Proof of An Actual Approved Work Order

Following is a snapshot of an approved work order from my files that was approved from a client that I spoke about in April – July of 2010.

Photo Documentation

Here are a few of the photos from a couple crews that I had out in the field. My goal has always been to complete at least 2 work orders a day and to send out several crews to complete them. As you can see, I do not do any of the physical work – I have found ways to find workers to complete these work orders for us – either buy direct hire or by subcontracting the work to other Property Preservation Businesses.

Landscaping Worker

Janitorial Cleaning

This information today has been extremely informative and great information as whole to be ready to start with success Thank you!

Wil Trey,

Thank you so much for your quick response your day 1 video has been a blessing to me, i am looking forward to the days ahead i know by the end of the last video i will be well on my way.Thank You Carolette and God bless.

Emerito Nieves,

Carolette, I am enjoying the lessons I’m gaining here. Its really a gem. Thanks.

Olusoji , Olusoji

Servicing an HVAC Unit

Debris Removal

Debris Removal

Janitorial Cleaning

Re-stained Deck – Work In Progress

Re-stained Deck – After

Carpet Installation

Grass Cut

Interior Painting

Outsourced Debris Removal Job

Exterior Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Grass Re-cut

Outsourced Grass Cut

This information today has been extremely informative and great information as whole to be ready to start with success Thank you!

Wil Trey,

Thank you so much for your quick response your day 1 video has been a blessing to me, i am looking forward to the days ahead i know by the end of the last video i will be well on my way.Thank You Carolette and God bless.

Emerito Nieves,

Carolette, I am enjoying the lessons I’m gaining here. Its really a gem. Thanks.

Olusoji , Olusoji

Here is What I’ve Got – Included with Purchase!

Here is What You Get

  • Over 60 Property Preservation Business Contact Companies
  • Over 50 REO Bank Contacts
  • Learn What to Expect when Starting a Property Preservation Business
  • Learn How to Lower Your TAX Payments
  • Email Scripts to Help You Be Taken SERIOUSLY As A Business Owner
  • Phone Scipts to Help You Sound Like A REAL Professional

Additional Information Included

  • Understand How Property Preservation Works by an Expert
  • Find Out Why You Never Want to Trash Valuables
  • Get Access to Best Foreclosure Cleaning Agencies
  • Learn How to Get More Work Orders Done with the Same Amount of Time
  • Learn About this Simple Tip that Will Help Lower Your Business Taxes
  • Get Others to Work Eagerly for You and Still Profit
  • Learn a System that will Position Your Business to be Viewed as Professional
  • And More…

Customizable Business Forms to Help Your Business Succeed

  • Customizable Business Plan for Your Use
  • Customizable Property Preservation Bid Forms
  • Customizable Property Preservation Invoice Forms
  • Customizable Property Preservation Inspection Report for your business use – no additional work is needed
  • Information on Cash For Keys Program
  • Information on How to Price Jobs and Services
  • Information on How to Pay Your Employees
  • Learn the TRIGGER words to get businesses to send jobs your way
  • Learn the best way to manage multiple property preservation jobs
  • Learn what the is best way to document your work
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